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Mobile Phone Policy

To support the implementation of the NSW Government's new rules around students’ use of mobile phones in public schools, Waratah Campus is introducing the YONDR program from term 3, 2023. 

The YONDR program involves the use of simple, lockable pouches, to store students’ mobile phones during the school day. This enables students to retain possession and responsibility over their phones at school whilst still providing the benefits of phone-free classrooms and playground spaces. 

We believe using these pouches, and having phones away, creates a more supportive environment for students to develop the skills to interact positively with their peers and teachers, and to fully immerse themselves in the learning process.

How will it work?

Students will receive their YONDR pouch at assembly on Wednesday 19th July. Students will be expected to pouch their phones on arrival to school from Thursday 20th July.

Please refer to the following documents for more information about how the program will work at Waratah Campus:

Waratah Campus Mobile Phone Policy
Frequently Asked Questions
Student Brochure

Location of YONDR gates (pouching/unpouching stations)