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Science at Waratah

At Callaghan College Waratah, all students study Science from Year 7 to Year 10, exploring the natural and made worlds.

As they progress through their studies, students gain an increased understanding of the importance of science in their own lives and society at a local level and globally. They learn how to apply scientific skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Why is science so important? 

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real-world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science, provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world. 

Sciences studied in middle school

Year 7 students explore units on matter, separation techniques, living things, energy and out of this world (Space). Year 8 students study elemental chemistry, forces, ecosystems, body systems and our planet, earth. 

Year 9 students engage with the concepts covered in a number of units like atomic structure, mysterious universe, human biology, plate tectonics and ecology. Year 10 students explore the laws of motion, evolution, genetics, reproduction, chemical reactions, electricity and global issues. 

By the end of Stage 5, students will be able to formulate questions (called hypotheses) to investigate scientifically, as well as apply scientific understanding and critical thinking skills to suggest solutions to problems. Students will also design and conduct controlled experiments to collect valid and reliable first-hand data. 

Science electives

At Waratah Campus, students have the opportunity to choose from different Science electives from Year 7, including: 

  • Forensic Science
  • Marine and Aquaculture Technology
  • Design with Minecraft  
  • Engineering with Minecraft 

To find out more visit our EXCEL elective program.

Science at HSC level

Callaghan College offers a range of Science subjects at Jesmond Senior Campus, including Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics and more. Visit the Science Faculty page on our senior campus website to find out more.