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Elective subject selection Year 9-10

Welcome to our 100-hour electives for Year 10 students (part of our Stage 5 elective program).

This program is designed to give Year 10 students the opportunity to explore and discover beyond the core curriculum.

Choosing electives is an important step towards what you may want to study in Year 11 and Year 12 and what you may want to do when you leave school.

How many electives do I study in Year 10?

In Year 10, you are required to continue the two 200-hour electives you commenced in Year 9, as well as study a new 100-hour elective.

Your new 100-hour elective will replace the 100-hour elective you completed in Year 9.

100-hour course options

* Please note: The courses below are all 100 hour courses with the exception of Manufacturing and Engineering and Hospitality Kitchen Operations. These are 120 hour VET courses.

Submitting your preferences

You are required to submit your elective preferences online. You can edit and change your choices as many times as you like from Thursday 10th August up until midnight on Sunday 3rd September 2023.

Step 1: Go to the Callaghan Waratah website homepage.

Step 2: Click on the blue EDVAL Sport and Subject Selection tab under 'student access.'

Step 3: Enter your unique code which was emailed to your DoE email address. If you lose your code or have any problems see Ms Allen ASAP.

Step 4: Select the button that applies to you – “Year 10 2024 Elective Selections.”

Step 5: Make your selection using the drop-down menu. We encourage students, in consultation with their families, to choose 4 x 100-hour courses in rank order.

Step 6: Click submit.

Step 7: Print and keep a copy for your reference.

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