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Elective subject selections Year 7-8

Welcome to the Waratah Campus Year 8 elective program. This program gives students the opportunity to explore and discover beyond the standard high school curriculum. 

Students in Year 8 will spend 4 periods a fortnight as part of their regular timetable on their elective.

Elective course descriptions

There are over 20 elective courses available to choose from in Year 8. Check out the course descriptions below to find out more about each course.

Choosing your elective

You are required to submit your elective preferences online. You can edit and change your choices as many times as you like from Monday 21st August up until midnight on Sunday 3rd September 2023.

Step 1: Go to the Callaghan Waratah website homepage.

Step 2: Click on the blue EDVAL Sport and Subject Selection tab under 'Student Access.'

Step 3: Enter your unique code which was emailed to your DoE email address. If you lose your code or have any problems see Ms Allen ASAP.

Step 4: Select the button that applies to you – “Year 8 2024 Elective Selections.”

Step 5: Make your selection using the drop-down menu. We encourage students, in consultation with their families, to choose 4 x elective courses in rank order.

Step 6: Click submit.

Step 7: Print and keep a copy for your reference.

Please note that it is recommended to prioritise the subjects you are most interested in by placing them at the top of your list. We make every effort to accommodate your chosen subjects, but there may be times when timetable scheduling or class capacity limits prevent us from doing so.