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Homework and home study

Mrs Blight's home study tips


At Callaghan College Waratah we recognise that every learner is different. We encourage our students to take greater ownership for their own learning; an important skill for successful lifelong learning.  

Setting up good home study practices from the start and being organised can make all the difference in helping students get ahead in high school. 

A common question students ask when they’re starting a new school is, “how much homework do I need to do?” While you will receive assignments to complete at home from some subjects, for most of our subjects, home study is the focus rather than ‘home work’. 

This means that rather than send home set work from each subject to complete each day, we encourage you to allocate time in your weekly schedule for home study. 

What could this look like in practice?

  • As a minimum, you should read over your class notes from the day. Research shows that replicating new knowledge boosts learning retention
  • Complete any unfinished class work 
  • Reflect on your understanding of what you learned in class:

What did I learn today?

What do I still have questions about? (write down these questions to ask your class teacher next time you see them)

What aspects of what I learned really interested me? Could you do some more research in this area and become the class expert?

  • Have a go at some of the extension tasks your teacher may have added to the Learning Hub on Canvas 

We encourage students to talk to their teachers early about their workload, so that we can support students make any adjustments to suit your learning needs.