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Religion and ethics

A feature of the public education system in NSW is the opportunity to provide time in class for education in ethics, faith and morality from a religious or non-religious perspective at the choice of parents.

Special Religious Education (SRE)

At Callaghan College Waratah, we offer Special Religious Education (SRE) in the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith. This is an optional program of study that runs for an hour each fortnight. It is facilitated by the SRE Waratah High Board run by combined churches in the Callaghan Education Pathways local area. The approved curriculum is called "Think Faith (Stage 4-5)

The approved providers in the combined arrangement are:

There is a Special Religious Education participation letter to complete and return. You can choose for your child to participate or opt out by simply notifying the school in writing by email.

For more information, visit Religion and ethics.