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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer you.

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Specialised focus on the middle school years

Our College's multi-campus design allows our campus to provide a dedicated learning environment for the middle school years (7-10). We focus on nurturing a smooth transition from primary schooling, fostering our students' confidence and resilience in their learning and setting strong foundations for success in senior schooling and beyond.

Extensive, high quality curriculum

In addition to providing all the mandatory NSW courses, we offer a comprehensive range of elective courses, including our unique EXCEL program which provides opportunities for deep learning and extension in students’ specific areas of interest from Year 7. Our students choose one elective in Year 7 and 8, three electives in Year 9 and one additional elective in Year 10. 

Our senior school (Jesmond Senior Campus) gives students more choice than any other school in the Newcastle region, with over 65 courses on offer. Our individual student career and study pathways allow students to choose from academic courses through to vocational education choices including school based apprenticeships and training. 

Future learning, now 

Our teachers design learning opportunities which build future learning capabilities for each student. All our elective courses are based on an Inquiry Based Learning methodology to stimulate critical and creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills. In addition, our purposeful integration of technology enables our students to collaborate, globally connect, apply knowledge and seek timely feedback to reflect on their learning.

Every day we are connecting learning experiences to real world questions, problems and challenges. In addition, all our students participate in authentic assessment for learning, including public performances, presentations to teachers, peers and community members.

Highly qualified, enthusiastic and supportive staff

We are committed to delivering quality teaching in every classroom, every day. Our highly skilled and passionate teachers take shared responsibility for student improvement and work together to continually evaluate and improve their teaching practices and students' learning experiences.

Comprehensive extra-curricular opportunities

Our unique College model enables our students to access a diverse range of co-curricular activities - from whole of College music, dance and drama productions and sporting carnivals, to enrichment programs in STEM, CAPA, Humanities, Sport and Technology. We also offer cultural actvities, circus club, cross fit, art club, public speaking, debating and so much more.

Our support team for every student

Our support team is inclusive of all our staff. We are here to support, nurture and encourage our students to be their best, and to provide any additional assistance when they may need it. To find out more visit Our Support

Innovative transition programs

We collaborate with education leaders across the Callaghan Education Pathway of schools to develop innovative transition of learning programs for numeracy, reading, writing, student wellbeing and high potential students. This assists our students with a seamless transition of learning from primary to secondary schooling  and beyond.
In addition, we offer a specialist Great Start transition program for students with additional needs, providing intensive support with learning and wellbeing for a successful transition.

Dynamic student voice and leadership programs

We support meaningful and effective student voice activities so our students can contribute to many positive outcomes for our school. We have a vibrant and active Student Representative Council, as well as an Aboriginal Student Leadership Team who enrich our school's culture, contribute to school decision making and provide mentorship across the Callaghan Education Pathway of schools.

Specialist cultural enrichment programs

Our school has a proud tradition in cultural enrichment programs, including our BroSpeak and SistaSpeak programs, Aboriginal Dance and Yadagi groups and our annual Harmony Day and Refugee Week celebrations.

High quality facilities

Our school boasts high quality learning spaces and facilities, including:

  • new, light filled, spacious middle school classrooms
  • well equipped, future focused library and learning centre
  • new dance and drama studio
  • leading edge technology, including dones, 3D printers, virtual reality environments and state of the art recording equipment and photography equipment
  • Careers resource room
  • Industry standard trade training centre and commerical kitchen
  • Modern, well equipped science labs
  • new crossfit gym, as well as multi purpose indoor and outdoor courts and large grass areas for PE  

And a lot more…

Hiring our facilities

You may apply to use our school’s facilities for appropriate purposes provided your hiring of the facility doesn't interfere with our teaching and learning programs.

We assess each application on a case-by-case basis. Find out more at Using school facilities.

If you’re interested in hiring our facilities, contact us for details.