Callaghan College Waratah Campus

Collaborating to empower learners

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Learning Support Team

The Principal, Deputy Principals, Head Teacher Learning and Support and Head Teacher Wellbeing guide the Learning Support Team, which includes: 

  • Year Advisors
  • Learning Support Officers 
  • Teachers Aides
  • Counsellors/Psychologists
  • Head Teachers 
  • Staff Mentors
  • Administration Support Staff 

Deputy Principals:

Year 7: Mrs Michelle Maher

Year 8: Mr Lindsay Morrow 

Year 9 & 10: Ms Nicole Avard 

Head Teachers: 

Head Teacher Learning and Support: Ms Eunice Hsu 

Head Teacher Wellbeing: Ms Louise Payne and Joanne Myers

Year Advisors: 

Year 7: Miss Larissa Lenton & Miss Abby Salter

Year 8: Mr Chad Hopkin & Ms Rachael Hurn 

Year 9: Ms Lauren Taylor & Ms Kirstie Thompson 

Year 10: Mr Simon Tarrant & Mr Dave Range 

School Counsellors: 

Ms Clair Hinchey (Mon, Fri)

Dr Kerri McCarthy (Tues, Thurs)

Mr Matthew Russ (Wed) 

Careers Advisor:

Ms Anne Grieve