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Parent portal

Waratah Campus uses the Student Parent Portal to communicate with parents regarding the learning of your child. You can view their timetable, attendance, calendars,  daily notices, messaging, reports and book parent teacher interviews. 

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Please make sure you have registered for canvas and the parent portal first. Please read the directions outlined below: 

Parent Portal Access Instructions 


1. Go to Callaghan College Waratah Campus Website. 

2. Scroll down on home page and click on "Sentral Parent Portal".

3. Click "Register".

4. Fill in your information. Enter valid email address. Please use the email address you registered with the school.

5. Once registered, in the next two school days, you will be emailed with an access key that will link you with your child in the parent portal. 

6. When you receive your access key, log onto the Parent Portal throug the school website and find the tab down the side that is labelled "My Access". 

7. Click "Add New Acess Key" and enter the key that was emailed through from the school. 

8. You will now be able to view your child's attendance, class details and published reports. 

9. If this does not work, please complete the survey below to report any issues that you are encountering with this process and we will work to resolve these issues. 

10. If you would like to kno how to access your child's learning online including assessment tasks, please go to school website click on "Our School" and go to "Canvas Parent information" for further information. 

Click here for instruction PDF with visuals. 

IMPORTANT: If you can no longer see your child's details but have previously, please refresh your browser once your have logged in. If issue is still arising, please log your issue below using the Potral Issue Button. 

Parents experiencing problems with gaining access to parent portal to view their child's attendance, awards and reports please and we will contact you as soon as possible to assist with resolving the issue. 

When registering please ensure you use your current email address as your username.